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There are so many tools for parents these days.

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    There are so many tools for parents these days. The cable boxes have parental controls. The satellite boxes have parental controls. There are v-chips built into the T.Vs. There is an excellent rating system. Why then must EVERYBODY suffer. I'm not a kid and I have no kids. I lOVE hip-hop but I just can't listen to rap on the radio, the beat is interrupted so much and it defeats the purpose. Of course there isn't a v-chip for the radio. But if you have a child just be a responsible parent and take away that FM dial!
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    Yes I'm so lame I must reply to my own post. Just had one more thought: If you have cable or satellite, there is an option for cut or uncut. The cable networks still make the programming, and still censor it. There are just two versions. When you sign up for service you get to pick based on your family or whatever. Maybe it will be as convenient as using your remote, and entering the password if you're the account holder, just like how it works now where you block shows from the kids. But you can turn them on for yourself later. It should be the same for the swears on the regular shows so kids hear bleaps and Dad Doesn't have to. Maybe thats jumping into the future a few years but why not right?
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    I agree. I'm sick of censorship. Sick of the government deciding what can and can't be seen. I agree there are some things that need to be censored, particularly from free to air broadcasts. I'm not sure what its like in the US. Couldn't believe all the fuss there about Janet Jackson, wouldn't have been nearly as big a deal here, people are like so what, its just a nipple.
    My 1.5 cents.
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    Kazza, I agree with what your saying. The reaction seems over the top since there are cultures in the world where people walk around completely naked and no one thinks twice about it.

    One the other hand I can see why people reacted the way they did because there are many kids that watch the superbowl. There are many parents who watch the superbowl with their kids and would rather not have them see something like that on Primetime television. I can understand why.

    Censorship doesn't bother me all that much, but sometimes it really does when certain words are voiced over and they are in wide use of the population. Damn for instance is a word I have heard voiced over in movies I know some of the lines to. That seems a bit of a stretch for me since everyone I know has used damn in sentence. It seems as though the FCC or whom ever is incharge of the censorship of television programs is becoming very uptight.

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