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I Thermal radiation and light pump

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    I read a lot at this forum about thermal radiation but still i have questions.
    Consider black body at some temperature T. It means that inside that body we activate many modes of quantum oscillators with some probability(Bose-Einstein) depend on temperature T.
    Now lets have some bulk material, for example some glass, which has some line emissions from electrons excitations and some thermal from movement and collisions of atoms. I pump the glass with some light, which is absorbed and subsequently emitted. I am raising the temperature of the glass, so thermal radiation is rised as well.
    My question is, what will happen if I will raise temperature with the emission. if in high temperature the thermal radiation will govern, and I wont see any emission from electron transitions.
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    If you have a solid, there are already no more line emissions. If you consider a gas, as the temperature increases, you will have greater Doppler broadening and collisional broadening. You will no longer have clear line emissions, but diffuse bands.
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    sure, I am sorry, it is what I meant. not line but some broader peak
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