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Thermally conductive fabric

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    Thermally conductive "fabric"

    Hello, I'm trying to build a custom infrared heating panel. The top manufacturers of these things claim to cover their heating elements with "Quartz woven fabric" which I am assuming is a thermally conductive, non electrically conductive material. Basically what I'm trying to do is evenly distrubute heat from a wound nichrome coil to an epoxy about 5" away from the heating surface. Some more detail: The heater size is 16"x16" and the epoxy cures at about 350F. Some claim that the bare coiled heater element will unevenly cure the epoxy. So I guess my real question is: Is there some sort of thermally conductive "fabric" that I can place over my heating element to achieve this effect? I'm looking at about 1500 watts (120V) as far as a heating element goes.

    One company uses black Ceran (cooking top glass) to cover the element. My background is in electrical engineering so I've been trying to find such a product that appears to be a thermally conductive cloth.

    One extra comment is that price is a factor. I can buy a heater element with this magical fabric for $150 and all it is is a nichrome coil, "magical cloth", and lead wires.
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