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Aerospace Thermodynamic cycle of jet engine

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    How to choose thermodynamic cycle for designing new jet engine?
    While designing new jet engine what parameters are important for choosing thermodynamic cycle?
    what other parameters are important for jet engine designing?
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    Gas Turbine (Jet) Engines are described by the Brayton Cycle:

    You don't really get to choose what cycle you're using. If you use a different cycle, then you have something that's not a jet engine. Check out the link to get some more information on what happens inside.
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    as minger said you have to keep in mind the brayton cycle while designing the jet engine ,
    but the operating parameters are depending upon your initial requirements, i.e. for which aircraft are you designing, what is the speed of it, how much force required to propel it, its altitude, which type of jet engine you using, etc.

    from that you have some parameters of the nods of the cycle and from that you an go further.
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    Brayton Cycle.
    Parameters for designing : Combustion chamber temperature ( you do not want to damage
    your turbine ), Compression ratio. I think those two are quite important.
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