Things that a mechanical engineer must know for sure

  1. suppose someone claims that hes a mechanical engineer who you make sure that he really is, or rather hes a good one?
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  3. russ_watters

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    Ask to see a resume with references.
  4. FredGarvin

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    Whether a person is a degreed engineer is relatively easy to find out. Like Russ said, get a resume that states where they graduated from and check. The question of whether they are a good engineer or not is tough and may not be answerable with interview questioning.
  5. can i see your resumes then? with references pleaze!
  6. Mech_Engineer

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    How's this for an answer: NO :rolleyes:

    Ask a specific question and you'll get many informed and knowledgeable answers. There are many industry professionals on this site that make sure no one is giving bad info.
  7. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    i just wanted to have some nice discussions with one of the friends whos a mech eng! so i need some topic to ask from him:frown:
  8. HAHA.... This is Hilarious!:rofl:
  9. i dont think that just having a major degree in mechanical engineering means that you are one. and not only mechanical engineering, i m talking of all sorts of engineering, be it civil, electrical or electronics. its an engineering mind that makes an engineer.
    and about spotting the difference, you just need to talk to them. anyone can tell here that Mr. Fredgarvin is a far more better engineer than most of us
  10. FredGarvin

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    If you're trying to butter me's working.

    There are a bunch of very good engineers on this board.
  11. Oh yeah! Name 316!
  12. NateTG

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    Apparently, ank_gl is working on his social engineering. A field that the OP might study a bit more. :wink:
  13. nah not any social engineering. and sorry for including names. its just that he helped me once, thats why i said so. sorry if you don't like it
  14. FredGarvin

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    Ank...we're just joking around. No worries.
  15. I think I should need to have such a degree in social engineering as well.

    I have heard that this degree MSE - can be something rather expeceve to obtain.

    Does anybody know a web based university or something where the Master of Social Engineering can be obtained for some slightly less amount of money ?
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