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Thoughts on the EmDrive

  1. May 5, 2015 #1
    I've seen a lot in my news recently about it. Mostly written by people who obviously don't understand the physics (not that I do) but I'm curious about it. I'm always weary about weird research like this, but when three different experiments replicate the results it's something to notice I think.

    As far as I've read, no one has come up with a satisfactory explanation yet, so what are the most likely explanations as to how thrust was created seemingly in violation of physical laws? So what do you all think is really going on? Faulty experiments / sensors, some known physical force we haven't figured out yet, or physics yet beyond our understanding?

    I'm banking more on all of the experiments having a variable yet identified that's causing the experiments to be faulty, but it's a nice thought that we might be able to zoom around our solar system in months rather than years soon.
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    Most have been a combination of:
    -Faulty hypotheses/predictions.
    -Faulty experiments/interpretation.

    In any case, we don't discuss crackpottery even to debunk it, so this thread is locked.
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