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Calculators Ti-89 connectivity

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    I have recently purchased a TI-89 Titanium graphing calc.. although there were two cables included, none of them are able to connect my calculator to my comp? wth i thought they said they included a "computer usb" cable to connect to PC.. clearly the usb cable included is not able to be fitted into the calculator(meaning the other end). Maybe i cannot find a third port on my calculator? Ionly see 2 on the top

    Someone help? Maybe they included wrong cable?
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    First, I believe this should be moved to the "Technology" forum.

    Second, to fix your problem. Try and find the cord that connect to the calculator, it is going to have to different types of plug, one that matches the plug on the calculator and one that fits your USB. Then, once you have got that connected, or have bought the correct one, you must download the TI-Connect software from the TI website.
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    For the record, if you can't figure out how to connect your TI-89, you don't need a TI-89.
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    back in the day we used serial ports to connect to our TI 89's and we liked it!
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    Ha ha...serial ports. But technically were still using them. Universal SERIAL Bus= USB
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    Maybe i should've mentioned it was the ti-89 titanium, not the regular ti-89. Two cables were included, but the mini-usb doesn't fit into the calculator.

    the image of the cable is here : http://www.ti89.it/IMG_0410.JPG
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    i just bought an 89 titanium and i have the same problem you had... two cables are included but neither will connect my calculator to my pc...

    probably a packaging mistake on ti's part, did you do anything to resolve the problem?
  9. Apr 20, 2008 #8
    I don't know how to resolve it... What do we do?
  10. Apr 30, 2008 #9
    why dont you contact the manufacturer, or something like that...
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