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Calculators TI-89 titanium RandInt ?

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    TI-89 titanium "RandInt"?

    for my class we did a quick programming of a coin toss, everyone else has TI-84s and I have the 89 titanium.

    How do I go about entering the function "RandInt" onto the program editor?

    Help is greatly appreciated!

    P.S. anyone who knows where I could download a quick coin toss code sript? that would be great as well!
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    Simple, if you looked in your manual you would see a function called "Rand([int])". So, to get a random number between 1 and 10 for example, just put Rand(10) in. For a random number between 1 and 54678 just put in Rand(54678). etc.
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    Yes, but what if I wanted to find two numbers? such as RandInt (0,1) ? I'm not sure if I'm explaining this very well, but I'm just trying to write a program that would simulate a coin flip, with it being 50% chance Heads/Tails.
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    So just call Rand(2). It will give you a random interger between 1 and 2; I think you can see how many that is.
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