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Time is money, knowledge is power.

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    You may've heard this one before:

    1. Time is money
    2. Knowledge is power
    3. Power = Work/time


    Money = work/knowledge

    which proves the less you know, the more money you get.

    I was thinking about this when someone mentioned the 'pressure of time' preventing them from making progress, and I came up with this dimensional analysis. (perhaps it is not quite as amusing, though?);

    1. Pressure of time = s/m^2
    2. How fast life goes by = m/s

    (pressure of time) x (how fast life goes by) = 1/m

    This implies you don't get far when the pressure of time is high, and when life goes by too fast.
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    This makes no sense.
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    Knowledge doesn't just "convert" into power. Francis Bacon was speaking metaphorically when he said that. Time, money and knowledge are abstract concepts while power and work are physics concepts.
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    That should be s/s
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    bleh = meh/blah
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    and that makes sense

    Then That/this is undefined
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    Now THAT I can understand.
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    Applied knowledge is power, knowledge alone is worthless.
    Either the less you know or the more you work, by the equation, the more money you get, no? There are a fair amount of people who are quite successful financially who never went to college or some cases finished high school...but they worked their asses off.
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    Gee, you guys?!! :confused:

    OK, I'll make sure I take humour much more seriously in future!
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    I would get this published. It's possibly the smartest thing anyone has ever said. It should be plastered on every business school front entrance. This must be to first order, though, since I see no contributions from being a politician.
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    Politicians are special case, because 0/0 is undefined.
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    It is, as CMB noted, well known. I can't remember how many years ago I first saw the OP derivation. I still like it!
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    I have to agree w/ you ... seems like the responses just went off the rails
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