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Time taken to form universe, religion vs science.

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    in the bible, and quran it mentions earth and heavens and everything was created in 6 days right?

    in the quran it mentioned that 1 day for god is equivilant to 1000 earth years.

    now if 6 days mentioned, means 6 days of God's, that means 6000 earth years it took to created the universe.

    but science suggests at least 400,000 earth years just for atoms to form?

    so clearly religion is wrong there.

    am i missing anything there? is my logic flawed?
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    No, your logic is not flawed.

    But most religions require you to put 'faith' in their ideas even though they do not coincide with most of what human kind has learned through science.
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    Consider when the sources were written, when people had no concept of billions of years, nor any understanding of the physcis we now know and take for granted. Science has largely replaced the supernatural for many, but not all.

    Be careful in this discussion because it's right of the border of being a discussion (particularly the rightness or wrongness) or religion or religious views which would be contrary to the PF guidelines.
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    why arn't we allowed to disscuss 'right/wrongness' of religions? everyone has opinions, arn't we allowed to speak our minds? in a decent mannar?
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    Not as far as religion is concerned. Please re-read the PF guidelines.
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    When I closed the thread, Astronuc was in the process of replying to the last post, so here it is:


    Well, if people could discuss matters, such as religion, in a calm, thoughtful and polite way, there would be no problem. However, some people become very emotional regarding such matters, and a discussion on religion may become confrontational and degenerate into bitter argument, which is rather unproductive - not to mention not good for one's health.

    There are forums dedicated to discussions of religion - e.g. Belief.net

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