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Time to raise temperature of frozen body

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    I wanted to figure out some simple 'party' trivia, but it seems I suck a physics.

    The scenario:

    A bottle of wine has been placed in the freezer to cool. It is left there too long and freezes completely.

    The host, fretting, decides to defrost the wine in a bucket of warm water. The water is not replenished.

    How long will it take for the wine to return to liquid state?

    Cheers Fellas and Ladyfolk.
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    I do not see any need to invoke theoretical physics when experiments can be performed very cheaply.
    For a theoretcal solution the themal condutivity of the bottle would need to be obtained by measurement so why not go straight ahead and do it with wine.
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    You haven't given us enough information. What is the temperature of the water, the wine, how much water is the wine in, how big is the bottle, etc.

    Also, have you looked up the relevant equations and such to be able to do this?
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    Temperature of water in the bucket: 50 deg C.
    Temperature of frozen bottle of wine: -20 dec C.
    Bottle capacity: 750 ml
    Bucket capacity: 10 litres

    Yes. Q=m c [itex]\partial[/itex]T.
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