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Time Travel Problem

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    As I see it one of two thing can happen with time travel.

    1- Time travel is not possible at all.

    2- We time travel and destroy the universe. Here's why,
    - The universe has a set mass, and therefore a set gravitational pull. If you go back in time you have just increased the mass of the universe and eventhough it's a small mass it will still change everything.
    -And also the atoms that you are made of are were making up somthing else in the past. So the question is then can you have a duplicate copy of matter in the same universe? Or would it destory the duplicate copys of matter then decreasing the mass of the universe.
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    Energy cannot be destroyed, so technically, if you went back in time, you would only be transferring your 'mass' (energy). There would be no dupicate copy to destroy.

    Though we (humans) view time as linear, the universe does not work upon this principle. So, since you exist now, if you were to go back into time, the universe has already *calculated* your energy into the scheme of it all, so there would be no off-balance reaction.
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    Ummm. How do you know that?
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    Einstein's Relativity
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    the work of time travel is a multi-dimensional spiritual challenge

    explaining time travel in 3-dimensional terms will never do

    realizing super conciousness and hyper-dimensional mind is one way to begin

    the law of time extend einstien's theory that time is the fourth dimension, and give an experimental blue print for our research into time- the 13 moon calendar and the dreamspell!

    start with traveling form one day to the next- the tools you have to use are the artificial mechanical clock and the gregorian unharmonic calendar- study harmonic 'calendrics' - or synchronometrics and chronomancy- the universe, planets, stars, people, events, and learn more about new concepts of time before time traveling- start with days, then move on to moons- and years- compressing aspects of duration in days, weeks, months, years, into comprehensible geometry that extends from the forth dimension and informs the third dimension is where it's at- first glimpse harmonic time sensibility

    learning about the law of time and the dreamspell is good start

    13 moon self-study pilot program
    http://www.tortuga.com/new/13MSSPP/page01.htm [Broken]


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