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Tracking down Phil Trans xxxv 637

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    I've been doing some study and repeatedly end up again at Bradley's experiments that discovered the way gamma draconis fluctuated in angle to the tune of 20 arc-seconds per year. I've been trying to track down a bunch of questions on this, but have not succeeded, so I thought I would see if I couldn't find Bradley's report directly, and see what he wrote. But search as I might, I have been unable to locate it on the web. Does anyone know if there is a web-site that provides access to original published reports such as Bradley's 1729 report to the Royal Society? Everyone quotes his report as coming from "Phil Trnas xxxv 637", but where do I find this report (in English)?
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    The reference is to the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society in London, Series A, Vol. 35, p. 637.

    The Royal Society is still a going concern, and their Transactions published before 1923 have been scanned and put online.

    Your letter from Bradley to Halley can be found here:


    There is also another work written by a certain Dr. August Busch who did some data reduction of Bradley's observations, located at the Internet Archive:


    Enjoy. :wink:
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    Wow. Thank-you so kindly SteamKing!
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