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Traffic Light

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    I am trying to make a circuit that works basically just like a traffic light. I want to use LED's and a 555 timer. So I want the first LED to be lit upon applying a voltage, then I will use some type of switch that activates the next LED to light up and stay lit for a specific amount of time, then the last LED will light up and stay lit. And I only want one LED to be lit at a time. I know I can do this with a decade counter, but the only IC I want to use is a 555 timer, but it doesn't matter how many of them I use. Any ideas?
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    without counters, 555 timers could work as one shots. But for some reason many people I knew had trouble getting 555 timers to work as one shots. With JUST 555 timers, your design would be somewhat limited. Hook it onto a state machine for more flexibility
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