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Training Assistance

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    Hey everyone!

    I am on a 15 day industrial training in an organization, which is involved in designing and fabricating dairy and pharmaceutical process components. Right now, i m in component engg. department, where the design and documentation of dairy components takes place. Prsently i am studying the GA and fabrication drawings of a silo, and simultaneously reviewing my machine drawing concepts. However, i am absolutely unclear as to the direction in which i should proceed; i mean at the end of the training period, what should i have in my hands as the experience that i got? Please do help.
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    P. S. I have discussed this concern with the seniors too, but so far we haven't come to a decision regarding this.
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    I suppose an orientation of plant layout and meeting people and individuals responsible for their area of expertise, so in the future, to discuss a problem, you know where to go and who to talk to.
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    Yo9u ask: "at the end of the training period, what should i have in my hands as the experience that i got?"

    My answer is EVERY SINGLE thing. EVERY experience. Every lesson. Go away from those 15 days with everything you did, heard, and saw. Keep all of that in your memory (notebook). In future, no matter what you decide to do for work, some of those items will be useful.

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