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Transformer's phase shift

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    I was wondering how I can get a 15 degree phase shift with transformers. I know a delta wye transformer creates a 30 degree phase shift.
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    The change in phase angle between the terminal voltages of the transformer unit is carried out by
    adding a regulated voltage to the phase-to-neutral voltage at the source terminal.
    A winding in series with a network branch is used to insert the regulated voltage that, when added
    with the appropriate phase to the source terminal phase-to-neutral voltage,
    sets up the desired direction of the active power flow between the transformer terminals.

    the circuit diagram and a few methods for phase sifting can be seen at
    Ref: https://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/newyor...lated/Phase_Shifting_Transformer_Modeling.pdf
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    drvrm told you about phase shifting transformers. Those things are expensive, but incredibly useful devices at key points in the grid. Remember that real power flow depends on angle, so shifting phase controls real power flow.

    The picture below shows a simple way to make a non-adjustable phase shift on a delta winding. Just tap the output at different points.

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