Trebuchet anyone?

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I guess this qualifies as a brain teaser.

I scored 2405 on my first try.

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Integral said:
I scored 2405 on my first try.
950 for me :frown:

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The Bob said:
950 for me :frown:

The Bob (2004 ©)
1559 is better though. :smile:

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1785, but I wasn't really trying.
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2584 after I realized that I have to scroll down to see the adjustment part. LoL
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i got a 2079
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(Hmm maybe i can try and beat someone in the list, but hell i don't have time now with my exams going on ... maybe later!)

-- AI
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Anyone get over 639 on the distance challenge ?
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As an aside, is it just me, or have trebuchets become really popular lately?

Oh, and 2646 first try. :approve:
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On one out of many tries I managed to get a 650 on the distance.
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Gokul43201 said:
Anyone get over 639 on the distance challenge ?

I managed to get a 648 on one's bizarre, because the graphics make it look like you went over the line when you didn't. I did get one good launch that sent that projectile flying WAAAAY past the goal line though (you can tell how hard I'm trying to really win this game :rofl: )
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I'm asking because when I first tried with a fixed set of parameters and varying the height as n, n+1, n+2, n+3 (don't remember exact numbers), I got ranges of 633, 636, 639, overshoot...obviously a bug in the code ! :grumpy:
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I got a 2955 on my first try! I found the game the simplest if you leave everything the same and experiment with a simple parameter. So for the distance one, that was mostly a test to play around with it. So i wasted the first four tosses and on my fifth one i got 645. I just changed the mass around to vary the distance. It made the accuracy one really easy since i just had to remember how the masses change the distance. Managed to get 4/5 small targets.
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I was prtty good at beating the living daylights out of the wall, but that's about it.
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645 on distance, 1000 accuracy, 2368 total.
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Gokul43201 said:
Anyone get over 639 on the distance challenge ?

They say gravity doesn't affect distance but they lie...

leave everything as it starts except:

gravity: 2.5
counterweight mass: 80
" height: 81
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I finished in under 1 min with perfect score for dist and acc and it took me two shots to knock down the wall. My score was 3616... the top score is 50800... any ideas how this is possible?
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Hmm... max for dist + acc is 1900... so that must be because of power. Which really defeats the purpose of the game as one category basically determines your score (if you get that good).
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I made about 2000 on my first 2 tries and then I got a couple in the 3500 area once I figured some things out.

Probably the best for the distance is launch angle 24 degrees, counter weight mass 99, gravity, height, and wind at max, projectile mass at default. This gets you a 650 and also the projectile moves VERY fast so you only use 10-12 seconds on the first phase. (Also, you can set the parameters before the clock actually starts ticking--that saves you five or ten seconds)

As of this moment I'm going to go back and try for 1 shot on the power test. Maybe it is impossible... maybe the people who got the high scores cheated somehow... but it's worth a try.

Also, the time does not matter tremendously. I set the parameters for a very quick, short shot and went through the tests in about 15 seconds for a raw score of 0, and only got a time bonus of about 1000. This is compared to a bonus of like 600 for just under a minute. So going faster will improve your score, but not THAT much.

Edit: Ah, jeez, I had the wind backwards! +10 is working AGAINST you, not FOR you. -10 is what you want though it's probably not worth the bother to find how to get a 650 all over again with that wind.
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Sadly, I'm too ashamed :shy: to say what I got. :uhh: You see, I'm in this for the Biology part of this forum... I don't know much about physics. :biggrin:

Actually, I only got a 323. :frown: :bugeye: :yuck:
And you thought that 600 and something was bad, TheBob. :rofl:
Anyway.. as you can see, I'm no physics wiz... but ask my brother, Dual Op Amp... he's the physics wiz. :biggrin:

FutVet :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Oh,no. Geeze.
Physics wiz, Oh, crap.
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i got 2417 !
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atomica said:
i got 2417 !

2394 points,but with 10 points penaly for going over 650 m.It were only 627 points instead of 637 points for the distance.Only 1000 at precision.Round 750 at power,no points for the timing,as use a laptop without a regular mouse (i believe it's called "pointpad" as to "touchpad" and "mouse");so it was a bit difficult.That's why i can't play pool on 'yahoo' anymore. :cry:I can't steer the stick and make shots as i do with a normal mouse.
So it's not that bad... :tongue2:
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I used 31 projectile mass, 100 counterweight mass, 100 ct height
36 launch angle, 2.5 gravity and -10 wind
that gives 650 distance.
on the accuracy I only adjust the ct height. 50 ht goes half the distance of the field, 25 goes 1/4 etc. its pretty easy to get 1250 that way
I don't believe a one hit knockdown is possible, I could only get about 550-560 per hit and you need 1000 to knock it down. I was starting to experiment with getting 999 in multiple hits, then finishing with the 560, but I kept forgetting exactly what settings I was supposed to be using and I got tired of playing.