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Homework Help: Tricycle Wheel Rotation

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    A. If you pull to the left on the rope above, which way does the tricycle initially move?

    B. Why? Explain your answer above. (4 key concepts)

    p.s for Q A, i believe the tricycle will go backward (to the right) since the rope is located below the axis of wheel.

    but for Q B, i don't really know what to answer. it is extra credit point thing due 2morrow Dec 7th, so if sum1 could just tell me the answer, it will be helpful to me.

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    As the wheel rotates around its point of contact with the ground pushes horizontally on the ground due to the torque exerted on the wheel. In which horizontal direction will the wheel push on the ground? How does Newton's third law come into play here concerning this pushing force?

    We find a similar situation concerning the downwards force (its weight) that the wheel exerts on the ground. The ground responds with the normal force.
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    thanks andrevdh... i got full extra credit points for that.. really appreciate it..

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