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Trig problem help!

  1. Oct 15, 2007 #1
    I'm hoping someone could help me on this homework problem. I look in the book but it doesn't have anything like this one in there. I'm really bad at math so if this problem is kid's stuff to you please lend a helping hand!

    The terminal side of angle Θ in standard position lies on the line -x - 6y = 0 in quadrant IV. Find all trigonometric function values of Θ. Give the exact answers.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Have you drawn a picture of this? In quadrant 4, both x is positive and y is negative for any point (x,y). To Make the calculations easier, pick y= -1. Then -x- 6(-1)= -x+ 6= 0 so x= 6. Mark that point on a graph and drop a perpendicular to the x-axis. No you have a right triangle with sides from (0,0) to (6,0) and from (0,0) to (-1, 0). The hypotenuse runs from (0,0) to (6, -1). Find the lengths of those 3 sides and you can easily find all trig functions. (Don't forget to include the signs.)
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    ^ that's the right way to go about it
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