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Tripple point

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    I'm having some trouble grasping the concept of the so called "tripple point". I can't begin to imagine that three different fases can possibly coexist. The temperature is 0,01C isn't it? Well, if some snow has this temperature, and then turns into a liquid, then that's because the temperature isn't longer 0,01! And if water vapour is cooled to 0,01C, then it would just freeze to snow wouldn't it?! Can someone please explain this strange concept to me...?
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    Your illustrating your own point.

    When the triple point lies in replicable conditions, it is possible to observe all three phases of the item. Thats pretty much what it means, You cant go straight through the triple point though when heating or compressing, so you just observe the regular stages.
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    There's one more thing.For water,the temp is 273.16K,but the pressure is not 1 atm...

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