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Trouble viewing attachments.

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    In the 6th post in the thread above, there is an attached bmp. When I try to view it, I get a screen saying I have insufficient privilages/have possibly been banned. I've viewed attachments before, and I don't think I've upset the powers that be, so why can't I see it?
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    Anyone else expierence problems viewing the image?
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    i got the same message when i tried to see it.
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    Yes,Greg,though it says "dextercioby,...",it appears not to have a clue who dextercioby really is :tongue2:



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    Yeah same here. Log out and then you will be able to view it. Or log out and then log back in, I think that might work. I had the same problem with an attachment a while back.
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    Logged out and back in, and still nothing.
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    Did you try just logging out, and then trying to view it (while logged out) ?
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    Just did. I can see it fine. Thanks.
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