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Homework Help: Two sinusoidal waves of the same period

  1. Jul 1, 2009 #1
    Two sinusoidal waves, identical except for phase, travel in the same direction along a string and interfere to produce a resultant wave given by

    y(x,t)=(2.5 mm)sin(26.0x -4.0 s-1 * t+0.400 rad),

    with x in meters and t in seconds.

    1.) What is the wavelength of the two waves (m)? [I already solved this]

    2.) What is the phase difference between them (radians, so enter no unit)?

    3.) What is their amplitude (mm)?

    Please HELP on #2 and #3!!!
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    Show your work.
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    for number 1,

    y =Asin(kx-wt)

    k = 2∏/λ

    k = 26

    so λ = 2∏/26 = wavelength = 0.242 m.

    But I'm having problems with 2 and 3.
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    Show work for #2 and #3.
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