UFO News: Japan's Extraterrestrial Activity

In summary, UFO activity is increasing in Japan, with reports of a luminous object trailing white smoke and an F16 plane on standby.
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As with the Ghost Stories thread, I am posting a UFO news thread to which I or anyone else can add the latest UFO stories, events, or other news items. This is not intended to limit new threads; please feel free post one as you see fit. I just think this helps to reduce clutter on the board often created by the typical news stories. Also, please feel free to post to the UFO Napster if you have any particularly credible and interesting information.

Here is the latest from Japan's UFO news:
The skies above Japan are alive with extraterrestrial activity, according to the nation’s foremost UFO research group and its fearless leader. Matt Wilce examines the evidence.

http://metropolis.japantoday.com/tokyo/recent/feature.asp [Broken]
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Cops wonder what they saw in sky

Officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car Dec. 26 when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky and radioed officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who also saw it.

All three say they watched as the object moved out of the northwest, drifted toward a church steeple, then shot straight back north without a sound in an encounter that lasted less than a minute about 2:30 p.m.

http://www.indystar.com/articles/4/109017-4514-102.html [Broken]
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He said: “We were coming home and we could see something in the sky. It just seemed to stay there and when we got to the Hill Crest area there was a group of kids watching it. It seemed to drop something that was white and bright and exploded. Then, it took off. I don’t know where it went.”

http://www.news-and-star.co.uk/viewarticle.asp?id=60448 [Broken]
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Note to posters: I have deleted the off topic posts in this thread.
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Ok, but how was the part about flying discs off topic?
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This is a UFO News thread. We are looking for current events cited in mainstream publications - like local and major newspapers and television stations.
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Photographer Takes Picture of Possible UFO?

... Tommy Woodard is a photo librarian for the Utah Film Commission, and this past Tuesday he took this photo in Provo Canyon [continued]

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[Portuguese] Air force on alert due to UFO

Lisbon - The Portuguese airforce has been on alert since late on Tuesday, when several authorities and witnesses reported seeing a luminous unidentified flying object, the national press reported.

"Military radar surveillance has been increased and F16 planes are ready for take-off," reported the tabloid daily, Correio da Manha, on Thursday...

... The only person to come up with a possible explanation was astronomist José Matos, who said the UFO might have been an Iridium telecommunications satellite.

"These satellites orbit at a height of about 780km. They each have three antennae, which are polished like mirrors and reflect the light of the sun," he told the media.

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A luminous object trailing white smoke says meteorite to me, despite the expert's denial. He caims a meteorite would have been much faster and made a lot of noise. However the one I saw with my own eyes back in about 1965 appeared to be traveling no faster than a small two seater airplane, and was just barely audible.
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You know for a fact that what you saw was a meteor?
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That is what the news on TV said it was the next day. They had film of it. It had been visible for hundreds of miles in several states. They tracked it by radar into the Canadian wilderness where it disappeared from the screen, but there were no reports of anyone having seen it come down.

The term "luminous" wouldn't be the best for what I saw. It was clearly burning. It was a ball of something that was covered in flame, and all the flame was dragged back behind it and eventually petered out into a trail of smoke that marked its path all the way back to the horizon. The flame was quite conventional, yellow flame. The net effect was like what you might get if squashed 50-100 old tires into a ball, set them on fire, and flung them with a trebouchet, except, of course, this thing went so much farther.
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I have been seeing things similar looking to a ufo but it looks more of a triangle with curved corners. This frightened me.Apparently it was seen near the moon. Dont tell me it was a satelite. because i know what a satellite looks like. This had sort of blueish red lights. They were slowly flashing. Then this object started glowing bright white then dissappeared. I went over to my friends house the next day and he saw it too. We were both frightened. Ever since then we have stayed indoors.
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Canadians near record number of UFO sightings

...Dazzling mid-air manoeuvres were a feature of some of the more dramatic otherworldly episodes.

At a military base in Beaverbank, N.S., last April, three people spotted several lights in the east, including a slow-moving red one bobbing up and down.

Suddenly, a second red light swooped in, prompting the first one to climb upwards and fly over it.

In a July incident, a Rosemont, Que., couple saw a very bright red light moving slowly westward. Travelling much too low to be an airplane or helicopter, the object plunged to the ground and disappeared after about a minute.

Two people sitting on a hill in an Edmonton park on June 23 watched four distinct lights hover above them.

“At first they thought it was some sort of satellite,” Mr. Rutkowski said.

“But then the lights gathered together, close in the sky, and spread out again. They would travel in one direction for a while and then curve back in a very sharp turn in another direction. And they watched it for 90 minutes.”

The Prairies seem to be a hotbed of unexplained activity.[continued]

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20040805.gtufos0805/BNStory/Technology/?query=ufo [Broken]
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High school student's video - UFO over Jackson?

I haven't had time to view the video since I need to download QT player again.

...Jim Dufek and Fred Jones of Southeast Missouri State University's communications department aren't sure what the disc was either, but they are sure that the tape is legitimate.

"Whatever it is, it's real," Jones said, watching the tape in the university's video room.

"There's nothing digital on it," Dufek said. "I don't see any pixel breakup around the subject. There's no superimposing."

One effect Dufek said would not be hard to doctor is the flare of light that abruptly appears on the underside of the shape toward the end of the tape. The light quickly flickers and fades as the shape continues its holding pattern. But Dufek said it doesn't appear doctored on this tape. [continued]

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The Jackson UFO mystery is over. It can all be chalked up to a vacation Bible school game gone awry.

Turns out this has now been explained, a toy mylar disc filled with helium.

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Thanks for the update username.
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I saw a UFO today at the beach today :eek: but I think it was just a bat that reflected light.
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Monique said:
I saw a UFO today at the beach today :eek: but I think it was just a bat that reflected light.

So, should we log your UFO as an IFB? :biggrin:

I assume that you saw a light flickering from time to time in one area of the sky?
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IFB, illuminated flying bat? :tongue2:

actually at first I thought it was a shooting star: it moved across the sky really fast in a straight line and it was very bright, so I pointed and said "hey! a sh--- huh? that's not a shooting star" it started moving in zigzagging directions and then it disappeared at the horizon.

Actually a classic UFO tale: it moved really quick and there was no way an airplane could make such turns, but it was illuminated all the time. So I guessed it must not have been very high in the sky, although it seemed that way, a bat could've caught the light of the beach-bar that was further down.. I did theorize that maybe it ate too many fireflies.. but we don't have any fireflies at this part of the continent :wink:
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Maybe your bats are radioactive :biggrin:

Do you have any other guesses as to what you may have seen: Maybe a satellite re-entering and tumbling out of control, or a meteor breaking up...? Did it leave a trail of any sort? It only appeared as a point of light with no discernable detail? What color was the light?
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Odd lights seen over Marshfield

MARSHFIELD - So it's unidentified, and it flies, and it's an object - that simply means it's inexplicable, not that it's a UFO filled with little green women.

In the past two weeks, Marshfield-area residents have reported unusual lights and objects in the night sky, some accompanied by what looked like fighter jets. [continued]

http://www.wisinfo.com/dailytribune/wrdtlocal/285017318523278.shtml [Broken]
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Balloon, a spy-sat, or a UFO?

SPACE scientist claims to have come across an unidentified flying object (UFO) during a scientific expedition in Himachal Pradesh.

..."We saw a bright white object moving towards our camp at about 7 am. It moved down the hilltop, towards the bottom. Eight persons from our party moved towards it but the object kept moving towards us. Then some porters made a noise and it started retreating in the same direction without turning around. After a while it turned and started to move towards the hilltop," said Kulkarni on his return from Manali. [continued]

http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/5922_1038857,0015002000000000.htm [Broken]
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You know...that is a really strange story; even as UFO stories go. Not too often do I see reasonably credible claims of objects that seemingly interact with multiple observers over a period of time. I like the white, to black, to white business as well. If this could have been just trick of the light, I would think this person would recognize the possiblity, at least; strange. I will follow up with the pictures if they become available.

For anyone who wants to track the story after the link is lost:
Dr Anil V. Kulkarni of ISRO's Space Application Centre saw the object on the morning of September 27 while leading the expedition in the Samudra Tapu glacier region near Chandratal, about 14,000 feet above sea level. Other members of the team also witnessed the unusual object.

The sighting has been reported to authorities in Kullu-Manali and New Delhi and the Ahmedabad space centre is analysing the photographs.

Reported in the Hindustan Times; Sunday October 3rd, 2004
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Expert shares accounts of UFO encounters

...Peter Davenport [director of the National UFO Reporting Center] holds degrees in Russian and biology from Stanford University in California and master’s degrees in finance, international business and in the genetics and biochemistry of fish. Originally from St. Louis, he highlighted details of his life Saturday and multiple UFO sightings in the southwestern United States and detailed the popular Arizona lights sightings of 1997. [continued]

http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=13058432&BRD=1719&PAG=461&dept_id=25271&rfi=6 [Broken]
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Famous photo revealed as hoax

...revealed it was a schoolboy prank.

In February 1954 a picture resembling a UFO floating over Coniston, taken by 14-year-old Stephen Darbishire, from Torver, caused a national sensation. [continued]

http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/viewarticle.aspx?id=143262 [Broken]
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Something inexplicable in the sky

In prehistoric times, if you happened to see something inexplicable in the sky, the best way to share the experience would have been to scratch its likeness on the walls of your cave. Fast forward to the year 2004, where the Internet and a rampant mass media rule the roost, and it seems that every weirdo, crackpot, cultist and conspiracy theorist is sharing their, or somebody else's, UFO sighting with the world.

But for American David Ritchie, head of a project team that produced "The World Internet UFO Directory," the phenomenon of UFOs runs deeper than simply being the exclusive domain of "X-Files" Fox Mulder-types who want to believe.

"The UFO phenomenon is not the providence of extremists and fringe people," he said. "A lot of well-respected researchers and theorists work on this phenomenon." [continued]
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SPACE scientist claims to have come across an unidentified flying object (UFO) during a scientific expedition in Himachal Pradesh.

..."We saw a bright white object moving towards our camp at about 7 am. It moved down the hilltop, towards the bottom. Eight persons from our party moved towards it but the object kept moving towards us. Then some porters made a noise and it started retreating in the same direction without turning around. After a while it turned and started to move towards the hilltop," said Kulkarni on his return from Manali. [continued]


link about Himachal Pradesh
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Dan Aykroyd Joins Mufon

THE BLUES BROTHERS star DAN AYKROYD has been appointed a Hollywood consultant for a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) network.

The Canadian actor is now the man film-makers go to when they're making movies on alien spacecraft , after he was given his position by the MUTUAL UFO NETWORK (MUFON). [continued]
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Canadian UFO reports on the rise?

Mighty close encounter?
Bright light dogs Crane River man

Terry McDonald thought his eyes were playing tricks last week when he saw a bright light following his truck. "The light was behind me. It was so bright, I thought my dome light was shorting out," said McDonald from his home in Crane River, about 320 km northwest of Winnipeg.


McDonald did start to worry when his truck intermittently lost power over the course of about a kilometre. [continued]

http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/WinnipegSun/News/2004/11/13/712255.html [Broken]
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California UFO

Residents report UFO in Ridgecrest
By Jessica Tamturk/jtamturk@ridgecrestca.com
Wednesday, November 10, 2004 4:20 PM PST

A bright circular-shaped flying object was seen soaring over the skies of the Indian Wells Valley late Saturday evening, startling at least five eyewitnesses.

At around 10:45 p.m., as each of three friends was returning home from a shared community event, a large object allegedly moving along the west side of the Valley caught their attention.

"It was neither a plane or a rocket," said long-time Ridgecrest resident Bonnie Mathis Tuesday evening. "It was very bright, and diffused colors within the object could be detected upon closer examination. Whatever it was, it scared the crap out of me." [continued]
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UFOs in India

...UFO presence around Shantiniketan is not new. But the number of UFOs now are so high that villagers are experiencing them every day. Yound children are reporting seeing aliens. [continued]

****** Note that several posts [above] were made today ********
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Girouxville, Canada

GIROUXVILLE - A loud humming noise breaks the silence of night, causing Ron Cloutier's dogs to bark crazily, and announces the arrival of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Girouxville skyline.

The skin-tingling X-Files-like scene has haunted Cloutier over the last five months, as he is awakened to watch strange lights and shapes cutting through the darkness above his home. [continued]
http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com/Z10_00bUFOs1119.lasso [Broken]
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... According to the villagers these strange triangular objects are visiting since last five years and their numbers are increasing. They are silent, they can move through the air extremely slowly, so slowly that any conventional aircraft would stall and crash. They can suddenly vanish at tremendous speed, far faster allegedly than any known machine built by man could ever possibly move. They are translucent; their flying beacons don’t project light as would a normal earth-made stream of light would do, and so on [continued]
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Ridgecrest Ca

Local UFO sightings still remain mystery
Sunday, November 28, 2004 12:11 PM PST
By Laura Dobbins/ldobbins@ridgecrestca.com

Several military aircraft from the Air Force and Marines were testing in China Lake airspace two weeks ago when some people reported unidentified flying objects but Navy authorities insist none of the testing occurred during the time of the UFO sightings [continued]


From the story posted above: California UFO, 11/18/04
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