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Ugh! People just piss me off!

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    Ive had a bad day at school today. All I do is get embarrassed. I just dont want to talk anymore at school. And people can be so stupid sometimes! Has anyone ever been in this situation? Where you just dont want to talk anymore and your just mad at everyone all the time??

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    Math Is Hard

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    I'm afraid to say. You might call me stupid.

    Go slam a door. You'll feel better.
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    Well, if you're mad at everyone all the time, I can think of only one thing that all those people have in common. You.

    Maybe a change of routine would change your perspective a bit and help you get settled down. It's not healthy to be mad and frustrated all the time, so if you can help yourself get out of that rut, you'll feel better and you'll probably be healthier, too.
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    I agree, unless it's a glass door.
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    Yep, know how you feel...it happens to me about once a month. :wink: Any chance ordinary things just feel a lot worse because you're near that time of the month now?

    Then again, you're in high school, and sometimes it just goes with the age. Want to tell us more about what happened?
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    I have had that happen to me a couple of times. But not for a while mainly because I go to an online school. I have gotten frustrated at my classmates though.
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    ahhh--just think that they're all immature--until they prove otherwise
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    Yay I agree with you guys. Thanks!! :D
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