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Ultracapacitor/Supercapacitor for electric vehicles

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    Hello All,

    We are trying to make an electric vehicle and we want to use ultracapasitor.
    Is there anyone who has experiences and what is differences these capasitors from others?
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    The supercaps that I'm aware of are for low-current, long life applications. Not for high peak current applications like a car. Panasonic makes some supercaps, so you could check their website. You're also not going to get the energy density out of a capacitor that you can out of storing the energy in the chemical reaction of a battery.

    Have you considered using a fuel cell instead?
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    The only major difference that I'm aware of is that supercaps have a much higher energy density when compared to "regular" capacitors. If you need it for the purposes of vehicles, you'll need a supercap in excess of 2500F! I've never seen an electric vehicle powered by only a supercap. These kinds of capacitors would be best if it could get assistance from an internal combustion engine.
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    Maxwell Technologies makes some very heavy duty capacitors. They're great for huge power densities, but batteries are better for energy density. These caps also have a high self-discharge rate. I think that a car could best use these devices to take better advantage of regenerative braking. They can be charged much more quickly than batteries.
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    Yes we will use in a hydrogen car.We try to design like this


    we dont want use a converter before motor driver because efficiency more importand for us.We want to regulate voltage after fuelcell with these supercaps
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    I just ran across an interesting article about applications of supercaps, including electric vehicle use. Interesting:

    http://powerelectronics.com/passive_components_packaging_interconnects/capacitors/power_ultracapacitor_technology_powers/?cid=top-articles [Broken]
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