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Undergraduate courses for the study of fractals

  1. Oct 12, 2012 #1
    If one wanted to study fractals and their properties, which upper level undergraduate mathematics courses should one take? Or which sequence of generally offered courses should one take? Just to name a few courses that I guess would be related and are offered at the University I study at are: real analysis, classical analysis I and II, modern geometry, topology, and complex analysis.
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    Hey Mathematicize and welcome to the forums.

    For fractals, I'm not sure whether you will get a specific delivery of "fractals" per se.

    Knowing topology and analysis will be important and building on top of these, you want to check out Hausdorff dimension for understanding fractals in a deeper way.

    This is apart from the many books on fractals (not just the pop-math ones, but the serious ones as well).
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