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Undergraduate Engineering Physics To Graduate Aerospace Engineering

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    Is it possible/okay to get your undergraduate degree in engineering physics and then go into graduate school and get your graduate degree in aerospace engineering>

    please help

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    It may be possible, but it not necessarily the smartest thing to do. A lot depends on what you have in mind for your graduate work to be. If you are thinking of doing the graduate work at the same school where you are doing the undergraduate work, go over and talk to the aero folks and see what they say. They can give you the best available advice for what you specifically have in mind to do.
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    Yes, and I know people who have done it. However, those people have all reported feeling behind at the beginning of their gaduate work and having to work harder to catch up. Similar to how an aerospace engineer would feel lost going the other direction.
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    I have not yet gotten a degree in anything yet and am still in high school. I have heard from some of my older friends that getting an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering is beneficial to a graduate degree in aerospace engineering. the whole thing is about what university i want to go to for my undergraduate degree (university of British Columbia), and then i plan on going to university of toronto for my graduate studies.
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    Given that you haven't even started your undergraduate work yet, there is no way to be certain you will even be interested in more school after 4 to 5 years of baccalaureate work. You are best served by doing something that you can use to get a jobyou like should you decide you don't want to do grad school after all.
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    i'm an undergraduate student. I'm thinking to study Aerospace engineering. one of my senior told me that one of the advantage of studying specialized engineering like this one is you are different from students who study engineering such as mechanical and E&E, however the disadvantage is i cant get a job far different from the field if i don't want to work the jobs in my specialization. i'm really confused now, not sure i should go ahead or not.
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    that is true but the question you need to ask yourself is, are you going to be happy in aerospace. i personally love space and hope to be involved in building spacecraft one day. That is my dream. what university/college do you go to?
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    i'm going to apply for Nanyang Technology University in Singapore. I'm a Malaysian with STPM qualification. Any other fields that an aerospace engineer can work? besides working with flight company.
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    Thanks! the link is really useful and make me see clearly what aerospace engineers can do. i think i'm one step further to my decision. Thanks a lot! I wonder can i work in aircraft industry in foreign country? i may not be able to work in Department of Defence or NASA, how about other aircraft industry/company? do you know some examples? Does aerospace engineering deals a lot with electronics?
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    It is possible for a compentent scientist or engineer to work abroad. One could work for an airline or aerospace company.

    Avionics is the fields of electronics in aviation.

    https://info.aiaa.org/tac/ISG/DATC/Web Pages/Downloadable Documents.aspx
    http://www1.aiaa.org/content.cfm?pageid=360&id=1004 [Broken]

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    would i still be able to do AeroE if i'm not good in electronics?
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    Hi guys,

    I am a student with a SPM qualification. I am thinking of studying diploma in mechanical or E&E engineering in a college in my hometown. But i am very interested in aerospace engineering as well. I would just like to ask about whether can i pursue a degree level in aerospace engineering in university although having a diploma in mechanical or E&E engineering?

    Please help. I was so frustrated with my further education.

    Thank you so much for your comments.
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    I know people working towards graduate degrees in aerospace who did MechE/EE for their undergrad.
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