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Underlying Concepts of EMP generation & sustainence

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    I would like to know of anything concepts regarding EMP. It's generation & how to sustain the pulse over long periods of time to create something like "no fly zones". Either to create a temporary block or permanent damage to any electrical items caught within the pulse radius.

    Also please highlight any known methods to create small scale EMP devices without much precision.

    If any of you are thinking that I am up to any nefarious scheme then think again. It's just a practical experiment I wish to try out & demonstrate to certain people to impress them and to teach them that it can be done.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You want to create an electro-magnetic pulse , to fry the wiring of an Airplane
    . wouldn't the the shell of the plane create a Faraday cage and prevent this from happening .
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    I don't know much about aircraft design, but for it to be a Faraday cage effective against a weaponized EMP, I imagine the aircraft would need to be designed with this specific intention. Even then, I doubt the communication systems (made to receive external EM signals) would be completely immune.

    Knightwars4, it can be done. You can tell your friends so. Does that satisfy you? How could this be a "practical experiment"? Other than as a weapon, what is practical about EMPs? Why not try and make a radio or something that doesn't break things? Why EMPs?

    But to answer your question, nuclear weapons have been long known to have the effect you're talking about. Nonnuclear EMPs are very possible and may have already been used in conflict. Reports vary.

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    When I mean "No fly zones" I mean just places on the ground! where electrical units will be damaged. I'm not after a way to stop planes from flying.
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