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Schools University undergraduate choice - St. Andrews : Theoretical physics or

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    Theoretical Physics and Mathematics?

    By doing the joint would I miss out on valuable theoretical physics and be less able to specialise...?

    I mean a Theoretical Physics degree involves alot of mathematics anyway right?

    Thanks for any advice :) !
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    People in the know might be more willing to help you out if you link your subject of choice's curriculum. Alternatively, you could do it yourself. Compare both courses with a straight-up maths course and see for yourself.

    In the UK, undergraduate degrees "Theoretical Physics" degrees are essentially the same as their "Physics" counterparts - they just have a fancier name and more mathematics modules.

    Since you seem to like Math and probably haven't applied yet, look into Cambridge's Maths with Physics route. That is, of course, if you're doing A2 Further Mathematics.

    Good luck.
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    Between "Physics", "Theoretical Physics" and "Theoretical Physics and/with Mathematics" the emphasis on mathematics increases accordingly.

    For instance in third year Theoretical Physics, laboratory work may be replaced with further classical mechanics, further electrodynamics, further quantum mechanics, etc.

    Theoretical Physics and/with Mathematics usually has some pure and applied mathematics thrown in, such as real and complex analysis, algebra and group theory, topology, applied differential geometry, etc.

    Best to check everything yourself however. Make sure you are happy with the course and it's contents before going for it.
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