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Usage of Calculus in Chemistry

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    Hi, I am a junior, currently writing a research paper on usage of calculus, especially differentiation, in chemistry. But I am having a lot of trouble trying to find sources. What are some good website sources for this topic?

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    Calculus in chemistry... Think quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics.

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    Derivation of rate laws uses integration.
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    Borek: Can you give me specific process that involves calculus?
    Cesium: what is derivation of rate laws exactly?

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    You're having trouble finding sources because you're looking in the wrong place (websites). Go to a library and check out a college-level physical chemistry textbook (e.g Engel and Reid). That should have all of the information you need.
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    Relatively simple one: finding limiting current on spherical microelectrode during electrolysis.
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    Pressure of a gas in a gravitational field.
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    Plenty of uses.

    Radiatiove decay, in order to know how much time it takes for a contaminated area to be safe.
    Chemical kinetics, used to predict a reaction's speed or to determine the mechanism of a reaction (especially in organic chemistry).
    Quantum mechanics, in which the use of calculus and differential equations (which is a tool completely based on calculus, anyway) determines the behavior of atoms and molecules.
    Many branches of physical chemistry use calculus as well.
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