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Uses of topology

  1. Oct 15, 2007 #1
    I am not a math student but I have read some basic stuff about topology just because it sounded interesting, and I was wondering if people could name some uses of it, because it does not seem to have very many.

    Also on a related question, how often are new branches of mathematics "invented"; do you see any happening in the future or do they all seem to be discovered already?
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    Topology is essentially the study of limits and continuity which are of immense importance in calculus.

    New branches of mathemtics are being "invented" all the time- of course, most of them are of no real interest. I think the jury is still out on "Fractals" or "Catastrophy theory" which were developed during the sixties and seventies.
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    Topology can be (and is) used in pretty much in any field of math.
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