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Using a hototransistor to follow a light source

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    I'm working in a project of an mechanical arm that will follow a light source, like a light bulb.
    So i'll need a phototransitor to make it work. Which one is the best for this kind of project?
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    Re: Phototransistor

    Here is a good way to find parts by parameter search:

    http://search.digikey.com/us/en/cat/sensors-transducers/optical-photo-detectors-phototransistors/1967049?k=phototransistor [Broken]
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    Re: Phototransistor

    can you use a phototransistor? usually thier supposed to be matched to an ir diode of the same wavelength, thats why when you turn the light on in a room your tv dosen't turn on(that and encoded modulation), maybe a photoresistor would work better.
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    Re: Phototransistor

    An IR phototransistor will see plenty of activity from a standard incandescent.
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