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Using a magnetometer to compute the magentic moment of a magnet.

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    Magnetometer is used to compute the magentic moment of a magnet. In this procedure, we are asked to record the angles of deflection on both sides of the compass heads (that is North and South poles of the compass), since they are vertically opposite angles, they should read the same. Why are we asked to record both and take the average of the two as the angle of deflection to apply Tangent Law?
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    Might it ask you to measure the two poles of the magnet (not the compass)?
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    It is probably just that taking the average of two separate measurements of the same quantity will average out things like parallax or human error, and will also reduce the possibility of a mistaken measurement. This is good engineering practice. If you have a lab partner, you should each make one of the measurements.
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    Good answer, Pam! I am convinced. Thanks.
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