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Using an If loop in Mathematica

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    Dear all,

    I have a list of pairs say Li={{a,x},{b,y},{c,z}...}. I want to eliminate from this list all pairs that have their second part i.e the x, y, z.....>1 and I was thing of using an If loop. Can anyone tell me how please...

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    There is probably a more elegant way of doing it (it wouldn't surprise me if Mathematica has some built in function for this), but this should get you started:

    Code (Text):

    L2 = {};
        If[Li[[i, 2]] <= 1, AppendTo[L2, Li[[i]]]]
        ,{i, Length[Li]}]
    L1 = L2;
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    question : For each number k from 1 to 10, print half the number if k is even and twice the number if k is odd.
    <I think this question involving loop but i ddnt how to solve it. anyone ?>
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    (*One built in function to eliminate pairs matching a condition using pattern matching*)

    In[1]:= v={{1,7},{2,-5},{3,0},{4,9}};DeleteCases[v,{x_,y_/;y>1}]
    Out[2]= {{2,-5},{3,0}}

    (*one method of printing using a For*)

    In[3]:= For[k=1,k≤10,k++,

    From In[3]:= 2
    From In[3]:= 1
    From In[3]:= 6
    From In[3]:= 2
    From In[3]:= 10
    From In[3]:= 3
    From In[3]:= 14
    From In[3]:= 4
    From In[3]:= 18
    From In[3]:= 5

    (*another method using pattern matching*)

    In[4]:= k=.; (*clear that value assigned to k*)

    Out[5]= {2,1,6,2,10,3,14,4,18,5}
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