Varible Frequency Microwave Oven

  1. I have a need for a microwave oven which uses a specific wave length to heat a specific part of a composite sample more than another part of the sample.

    Normal microwave ovens have a random frequency and amplitude and the frequency is not adjustable.

    A radio like a short wave radio would work but it does not have an adjustable carrier wave.
    I would have to have an adjustable carrier wave.

    The frequency and the amplitude could remain constant while the signal was intermittent or the amplitude could be varied while the signal remained constant.

    My hope is that something like this is exists already which can be purchased.

    If not I will have to build one which brings up some safety concerns.

    Any thoughts?


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    agreed .... their freq is well defined and any freq drift is likely to be reasonably low
    from what I have read, in days gone bye, around a couple of MHz

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    You can still expect an initial chirp of about 100MHz while a magnetron approaches operating temperature.

    Do you want to select which material is heated based on microwave absorption spectrum?

    If so what materials are you trying to differentiate and what are their absorption spectra.
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