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Homework Help: Vector problem

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    i have a question on vector.

    does the angle of a vector influence its magnitude?

    so if a vector is moved from 30 degrees to 60 degrees does its magnitude change as well ?

    any help will be appreciated.
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    No. The magnitude does not change. The components are a different story.
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    The concept of a vector is the combination of magnitude and direction, though.
    So, two vectors with the same magnitude with different directions are different vectors. This makes the original statement somewhat nonsensical (no offense, just trying to explain the problem here). If you move the angle of the vector, then it's a different vector.

    All of that being said, "does the angle of a vector influence its magnitude?" seems to be the real question here. Don't conflate vectors with anything else. A vector is simply a vector, it isn't directly influenced by other physical factors. I'm guessing that the thinking behind the question here is whether or not forces such as gravity or friction will influence a vector, but the vector is simply a description of what an object is doing at a moment in time. Vectors, by themselves, don't say anything about what an object will do. Make sense?
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