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Homework Help: Vectors and Matrices

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    i have a question where i had to multiply to matrices:

    2 -3
    -3 and 2 i came up with the answer as -12 but then the question says:

    sketch the vectors together in the xy plane.

    what do they mean when they say this and how do you do it

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    a vector is represented as (x0,x1,x2....,xn-1,xn)
    if the vector is said to be a spatial vector than we associate them with
    our terminology for spatial coordinates...which usually is xyz OR ei,ej,ek OR uvn(sometimes called cartesian or euclidean)

    now to draw a vector means to draw a from O to the coordinates of that vector...
    to draw a vector summation means to draw both vectors than translate one of them
    vector scalar multiplication... means to resize the vector...
    however if your askinghow to draw a matrix...i've never heard of such a thing...so my only guess would be to draw each columnwise vector or each rowwise vector.
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