Vehicle Mathematical modeling and dynamics

  1. i am working on the vehicle full suspension model. I am in modeling phase , i am electrical student and i am facing some difficulty in the dynamic results . When i am giving road disturbance to the vehicle the pessanger seat is getting more bounce and oscillations as compared to body to which the disturbance is first transferred. The pessanger seat is modeled using its own stiffness and damping parameters. Plz clarify me the concept behind it.
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    It is hard to tell with so little data, but you're probably in resonance. Change the stiffness and/or damping of the passenger seat and see what you get (make it stiffer).
  4. thanks for suggestion , i will check it soon for the changes for which u have asked and will share the results.
  5. i have checked the response of the system by changing the stiffness and damping parameters, but even then it has greater amplitude, though oscillations are reduced by increasing the damping.
    One other thing i noticed is that by decresing the mass of the system i am getting minimum oscilations. Also as i am getting pessanger seat nearer to COG(where also body dynamics are being observed), the seat
    and boody response getsalmost same(as it should be by geomatrical view). and as i am getting it far from the COG , it is getting more oscillations and amplitude.
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