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Homework Help: Very hard algebra

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    Well it's very hard for me anyway!
    In both of the following expressions I have to make x the subject. Can anybody break them down for me and explain step by step how to solve them?

    ax/b + cx/d = e

    a/bx + c/d = e

    From looking at the answers I know that the solutions are as follows:
    1. x = edb/ad+bc
    2. x = da/b(ed-c)
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    I can give you a hint.

    For 1. start by using the distributive property
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    So that would mean...
    - ax/b + cx/d = e
    - axd+cxb/bd = e
    and from there I can get to the answer x = edb/ad+bc by using and rearranging the formula A=BC/D. Is that the right way to do it?

    I've have tried applying the same logic to number and it doesn't seem to work.

    Thanks for your help by the way.
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    No; the above steps are incorrect. You've taken the term cx/d and multiplied top and bottom by b, which makes no difference to that term; but you've replaced ax/b with axd.

    The distributive property, in this case, means you should look for a common factor. This is a good way to approach problem number 1. The original equation is
    ax/b + cx/d = e

    Can you see any common factors there?

    Cheers -- sylas

    PS. Your solution to number 1 needs some parentheses.
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