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Very simple (Dis)proof of Riemann hypothesis, Goldbach, Polignac, Legendre conjecture

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    (Dis)proof of Riemann hypothesis,Goldbach,Polignac,Legendre conjecture

    I'm just an amateur and not goot at english ^^;

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    Re: very simple (Dis)proof of Riemann hypothesis, Goldbach, Polignac, Legendre conjec

    In your claimed disproof of the Riemann Hypothesis, introduction:

    1. Line 2: i is undefined.
    2. Line 3: j is not properly defined; is this counted with or without multiplicity?
    3. Line 4, third equality: Since D_i is finite and the expression in the sum is constant wrt n, the sum diverges and thus is not equal to the preceding expression which is convergent for all s with Re(s) > 1.
    4. Line 4, fourth equality: The sum is not equal to the zeta function for any real s > 2, which can be verified by subtracting the series. (More precise results are possible; I don't care to calculate them.)
    5. Line 6: The equality is totally unjustified and usually wrong.
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