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Very weird problem here

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    Very weird problem here....

    Problem solved... nm thanks for your help though...
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    Theres your first problem. Polyprotic acids don't disassociate all at once. The correct reaction would be
    [tex]H_2SO_4 \longrightarrow H^+ + HSO_4^-\ \ \ K_a = high[/tex]
    [tex]HSO_4^- \longrightarrow H^+ + SO_4^{2-}\ \ \ K_a = a\ lot\ less [/tex]
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    Ya, i think my teacher wants to pretend it dissociates completely. However though, that still won't solve my problem. If we pretend only 1 H+ dissociates we have 0.105 moles of H+

    (.105 - .075)/3 does not equal .105/4
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    Could you state the exact wording of the problem? What you wrote is rather confusing.
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    Yes, apchemstudent, please write the exact wording and we will discuss it. It is good that you've made much effort to solve it, and maybe we'll see a little point you may have forgotten.
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    figured out the mistake....
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