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Vibrations of a circular membrane

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    Please can anyone help me here?

    Consider the link below;

    http://online.physics.uiuc.edu/courses/phys193/Lecture_Notes/P193_Lect4_Ch4_Part2.pdf [Broken]

    I'm just trying to qualitatively undestand the pictures in the above link.

    Consider Page 2 of 18

    Now, consider figure 3.6

    Figure 3.6 shows first 14 modes of an ideal membrane.

    Just below figure 3.6 there is another figure titled 'Normal vibration modes of a circular membrane' named as J0,J1,J2,J3 from left to right and 1,2,3,4 from top to bottom.

    Can anyone tell me the relationship between the two sets of figures (Figure 3.6 and figures below 3.6?).

    Please help
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    J0,1 top left, corresponds to (0,1)
    J0,2 corresponds to (0,2) - not shown
    J0,3 corresponds to (0,3) - third along second row
    and so on...
    Not all all the figures in the upper set of diagrams are represented in the lower set, and vice versa. This is what is confusing.
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