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Video lessons on undergrad physics?

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    Hello everyone. I am just exiting high school and will be going for an aerospace engineering degree this fall but in the mean time I wish to study physics. I am terrible at learning by reading, I cannot stay focused and drift off very easily, reading it but not soaking any of it in after more than a few minutes. Videos or real world teaching works wonders for me. I was top of my class in calculas and physics so I know I'm not lacking in ability.

    If anyone knows of videos on undergrad physics courses or any physics above HS physics that I could understand, even after a little reading, that would be splendid. I would be greatly appreciative
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    MIT OCW has a series of videos from their intro physics class.
    http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/" [Broken]
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    The Stanford lectures are pretty good, as are the Berkeley ones. Susskind's lectures at Stanford are incredible. Though I'd say MIT (e.g. Walter Lewin's lectures) are the best for learning about concepts as it gives the entire lecture series as it is being taught to an actual undergraduate class.
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    Thanks for the links guys. They all look really good. I'll probably be going through MIT videos for now.

    Is there anything I should know about what to study specifically if I want to one day understand all the latest ideas and theories about particle physics and string theory? I love physics, but have no idea what I need to learn to get where I want
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