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VoDou Physics?

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    I was looking for some information on David Bohm and Brownian Motion when I came across a website on a thing called VoDou Physics. The man who put the site up is named Tony Smith. He states that it is part of the manyworlds theory and he has tons of pretty well thought out ideas. Has anybody heard of this branch, and have any comments on it validity? check out his website at:
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    T Smith is a bit of a fringe scientist, but he is not really a crackpot. He's more of a mathematician and likes to play around with group theory to construct higher dimensional operators in field theory.

    Some of his friends however are crackpots, so he's one of those who is like borderline, yet still very smart. I think there was some controversy over whether arxiv should accept him for published materials, considering the fact that his credentials are ok, but wasn't working for academia.
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