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Voice Coil Selection: Metal Bellow Pressure System

  1. Sep 4, 2012 #1
    I hope this post finds everyone well!

    I am currently trying to build up a system capable of providing pulsatile pressure (a sinusodial profile) to a silicone tube. In brief, the system consists of a linear voice coil actuator connected to a metal bellow.

    At the moment, I have worked out most of system parameters, and am now needing to select the voice coil accordingly.

    I have been refered to BEI Kimco Magnetics for a good voice coil selection, and an applications guide (http://www.beikimco.com/actuators_linear.php).

    Although this has put me in the right direction, I still need some help with selecting the right voice coil for my application (as I really have no experience in this area).

    Based on the BEI Kimco applications guide, and what I need to work out, I essentially need help to clarify the following:

    1. Is it correct to assume that the Force Due to Load (a force component required to determine Frms of the voice coil) is equal to the required total force applied to metal bellow to achieve my system requirements?

    2. How can I determine the “Load Mass”? Is there some way to convert between Force due to Load, and “Load Mass”

    3. How to determine the acceleration (α) of the load mass for my system (knowing the stroke lenght of the voice coil is 2mm, and a required frequency of 40Hz)?

    4. How to determine the acceleration and deceleration times for a sinusoidal profile?

    I have attached a more detailed explaination of the help I need in a pdf :)

    Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!

    Many thanks, and if more clarification is need, I'll be happy to give it!



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