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Von Mises Stress Calculation for Internally Pressurized Pipe

  1. May 25, 2013 #1
    Problem Description:
    Internally pressurised pipe elbow with open ends.

    I have to compare the Finite Element Von Mises stress with that calculated by hand.

    I am having issues calculating this.

    The formulae that I am using are:

    Hoop Stress: σ_1 = \frac{P*d}{2*h}
    Where: P is pressure; d is mean diameter; h is thickness of pipe

    Radial Stress: σ_2 = \frac{-P*(r_i)^2*((r_o)^2-(r)^2)}{(r)^2((r_o)^2-(r_i)^2)
    Where: P is pressure; r_i is inner radius; r_o is outer radius; r is radius of curvature

    Von Mises Stress: σ_Y = \sqrt{\frac{1}{2}*[σ_1^2_σ_1*σ_2+σ_2^2]}
    Note: neglecting σ_3

    Could someone please point me in the right direction with this problem? I am not sure if I should be including axial stress in calculating the Von Mises Stress..
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