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Wallace 8x8 Multiplier Need Help

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    I need to construct a schematic using and gates, full and half adders for the following :

    Multiply two 8-bit numbers using Wallace addition structure.

    Can anybody help me with it.

    I know that sum + carry = a + b + c.

    At each step we reduce something.

    Can anyone help.
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    This borders on the line we draw for homework/coursework, versus when the work is more like a larger more advanced project. I think I'll leave this question here in EE for now, instead of moving it to the Homework Help forums.

    But you still need to show more effort before we can help you much. Please show us some pointers to info about Wallace structures, and tell us how you would normally make a multiplier from adders. Then maybe we can help to answer any specific questions you have about the circuits involved.
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    There are three steps in wallace tree :

    1. AND'ing each bit.

    2. Use half and full adders.
    3. Adding the two outputs to an adder to get the product.

    What I don't understand is the reduction at each level ?
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