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Want to know more about Conductors

  1. Jul 29, 2014 #1
    Hi, I was hoping to get some pointers from you guys for references/ where to look to get help for the following:

    I want to know about the force that an electron experiences while on a conductor. When on the conductor, it's essentially in potential well. But i want to learn about all the relevant parameters to eject an electron from a given conductor.

    Thanks in advance
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    A conductor is just that say a bit of metal with lots of electrons, many of these electrons are able to move between adjoining atoms

    a potential well ?? not sure where you got that from ?

    What do you mean by eject an electron from a given conductor. ?

    you can make electrons physically leave a conductor, eg a wire filament
    this is called thermionic emission do a google search on that :smile:

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    yes the conduction band electrons in conductors, although "free," are still bound by the walls of the conductor; being bound in a region satisfies being a potential well.

    yup! electrons physically leaving a conductor is what i was referring to.
    I'm looking to learn what physical quantities affect the potential wells that bound the electrons.

    (Thank for the therm. emission suggestion)
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