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I do remember you folks to like to see where I left things. Well, let's change the arrangement. Give me formula and I will do the rest.

A hydraulics lift (type commonly used for greasing automobile) consist of a 10.111-in-diameter ram that slides in a 10.006-in-diameter cylinder. The annual space being filled with oil having a kinematic viscocity of 0.0038 ft^2/sec and specific gravity of 0.83. If the rate of travel of the ram v is 0.5fps, find the frictional resistance, F when 6ft of the ram is engaged in the cylinder......

I think this is simply evaluating expression problem once the expression is known to me. Am I underestimating the question?


Is this what you are looking for?

Rf = 0.97 x Cf x Sw x V^2 where:

Rf = Resistance in pounds
Cf = Coefficient of friction
Sw = Wetted surface
V = Velocity in ft/sec
0.97 = Constant for fresh water

Source: http://www.greenval.com/shape_part1.html


I am not sure whether I have the formula I was looking for because the fluid in my problem is oil not the water. I will check out the web site you were referring to. Thanks for your time and kindness.

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