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Warning, more DHMO effects

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    Di-hydrogen monoxide (DHMO) was an excellent joke of a student, showing how easy people can be fooled/conned when appealing to their noble instincts - safety, protection, defence. Of course we have to protect the world, and when there is any acute danger, we must act. Apparently, we need that kind of incentive, as instincts want to satisfy it’s need. And in doing so, it may tend to lower our acceptance standards, completely overlooking how we are conned. We could call this the Di-hydrogen monoxide effect

    So where is the next enemy we find? yes global warming of course. He appears to be active again, Tom Chalko, fully exploring the DMHO effect.

    I think I should show this just as a warning for that effect, to show to be critical at anytime, especially when appealing to noble senses:

    Warning, warning this is utter nonsense

    And this too
    Might be an idea to expose what is gibberish and what is reality.
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    I like his volcanic activity graph. Not only is it showing trends over a rediculously short timescale, but it is incorrect.
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    I once made a coffee mug just for that :rolleyes:

    http://jitcrunch.cafepress.com/jitcrunch.aspx?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 [Broken]
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